About Lilja LifeStories

Lilja LifeStories celebrates ordinary people's lives. We believe that everyone has an extraordinary story to tell, whether to a mass audience or simply to your own family.

Lilja LifeStories is an outgrowth of Lilja Communications and builds on our 25-plus years of experience telling clients’ stories through writing, designing and producing creative print materials, as well as video and photo essays.

Vice President Linda Tedford and President Mary Lilja


  • Create a family heirloom book of precious memories

  • Publish your personal memoir or business history

  • Tell your story through film

  • Celebrate your legacy with a family event

Read more about Lilja LifeStories in Edina Magazine. For additional information, or for a complimentary initial consultation, email us or call 952.893.7140. All of us at Lilja LifeStories look forward to helping you share your story!