The Lilja Difference

No matter the project, we work as a team to create the best communications solutions for you. The people planning your project are seasoned communications professionals and the same people doing the daily work. Lilja Communications works with you as a strategic partner – not a vendor.

We like to use the basics of communications: shaping, producing and sharing your story … and applying plenty of elegant common sense.


What is your story? What are your goals? Who is the audience? We ask questions and work with you as a strategic partner to identify the building blocks of your story.


How will we produce your story? From a video to a news release to a social media campaign, we’ll help you select the right tools and methods for your story.


How you share your story is just as important as the story itself. We have the expertise to share your story effectively, whether through a strategic communications campaign, or an elegant special event – or both.