Our Services

Lilja LifeStories is a one-stop shop for everything you need to produce your story.

Whether you want to record your story to share with your grandchildren, publish your personal memoir or business history, or create a video record of your family story, we can help. Our assessment and editing services will point you in the right direction, for satisfying and meaningful results in book or digital form.

Our services through the Lilja LifeStories Process can include:

  • Publishing under the Lilja Press imprint
  • E-Book

  • Video/Film

  • Website design and creation

  • Public relations services

  • Event planning and organization

  • Interviewing
  • Research

  • Writing

  • Editing

  • Design

  • Layout

  • Printing


You can choose to have us help you with any or all steps of your project. Our experiences range from printing a pre-written memoir to completing an entire LifeStory, start to finish. The possibilities are endless . . . and as unique as you and your family or business.