Our Services

You have a business objective to achieve. A product to sell. A concept others must grasp. A crisis that needs to be managed. You need to communicate with employees, customers or stockholders. The media. The marketplace. You want to strengthen relationships with these key groups.

We provide seasoned and strategic PR counsel on a variety of fronts: 


Strategic communications

It all starts here. We are pros at crafting strategic communications plans that will clearly outline your organization’s communications objectives, audiences, key messages, strategies and tactics. Whether it is your annual communications strategy or new product launch, an effective communications plan will give your team the building blocks for success.


Media relations is our passion. We have relationships with media contacts in the Twin Cities and nationally that recognize the Lilja name because we bring quality stories to them. Our media relations work is highly strategic. We match your story to the specific media – be it print, broadcast or online media – that will reach your desired audiences.


Your employees are among your most important supporters. The more they know about what’s happening in your company, the better they can understand the important role each one of them plays in your success.

WRITING and Content Development

Good writing is the foundation of our work. First and foremost, we are excellent listeners, able to bring your message to life and tailor it to a specific audience or publication. Our assignments vary: family histories, columns, news releases, brochures, web sites, speeches, you name it! Whatever the subject, we have the resources and skills to develop the right content for your project.


We believe in the importance of good design. From newsletters to websites, we can tailor our creative services to fit your needs. We have the ability to create new designs, or work within your existing templates.


Sometimes the need for communication assistance comes without notice! We’re there to help you navigate the tough situations with grace and common sense.


We can help create a comprehensive plan that addresses your social media needs in a way that makes sense for your audience and is cohesive with your other communications efforts. Our approach to social media includes auditing existing accounts, setting measurable goals, crafting and optimizing content and ongoing analysis of social media engagement. 


We are experienced in creating, implementing and publicizing successful special events. From gathering the guest list and developing the keynote speech to helping pick the perfect floral centerpiece, we do it all.


Communicating effectively with the news media is key, but it’s also a challenge. Our media training will help you prepare for a successful interview and outcome.