Why We Do It

Studies have confirmed that the next generation is more interested in the non-financial leave behinds – like memories, values, faith and religion – than the money or possessions they will inherit.

But these studies also point out that most families haven’t done a thorough job of capturing those memories and having meaningful conversations about them. As the population ages, the need to capture memories takes on an even greater urgency. We are dedicated to helping families and businesses preserve their stories so they can be shared across generations.



  • To leave a legacy. Part of our legacy includes sharing our unique values and life lessons, and most want to leave behind more than possessions or money. Whether that’s a personal biography about living through technological and social upheaval, or the story of how your business grew from a start-up to a corporation, future generations will learn from your past. 
  • Because every life is extraordinary. Every person, and every business no matter how small, has important stories to share. We believe the ordinary moments of life, when examined closely, are truly extraordinary.
  • To provide an antidote to celebrity culture. Our philosophy and approach stands in stark contrast to our society’s focus on celebrities and their stories. By reclaiming our own individual narratives, we can pass on some life experience and hopefully, wisdom, to future generations.